I wish to wipe
my past clean,
and rid of ghosts
I’ve let come in.

I wonder if a heart
tears, after all the
anger and hate
one cradles in her sleep.

I don’t wish to be
the person
fighting her
own demons.

There’s too many
battles, out there
I’m weary enough
trying to win a fight
with myself.

Keen Malasarte, “Just this once, I want to rid myself of all the darkness I keep hidden” (via acupofkeen)
Some relationships are like stepping on board a train you know is going to wreck. And it’s not an instinct, or a gut feeling, it’s knowing - plain and simple, because you’ve been here before and you’ve done this before, and you just know. And still, you step on. Because you’d rather spend a little while holding that person’s hand, pretending you won’t to wreck, than spend a lifetime yearning; yearning for bruises on your wrists, left by someone who tried to hold on, yearning for broken bones in your spidery fingers from trying to keep them close as the world spun out of control. Sometimes, we don’t hope to leave unscathed and unscarred, we pray the pain will be worth the love.
m.v., Us, Vol.4.0 (via findingwordsforthoughts)